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Are you excited about our work? You can get involved in a variety of ways! Become a friend or volunteer of the foundation, support a child, help a child study or sponsor a team. The foundation is very grateful, and so are the children!

Would you like to get to know the foundation better? Buy a book or CD and experience our work.

Thanks to all our donors, partners and sponsors, we can continue our work and help as many children as possible to realize their dreams.

Become a friend of the foundation

Everyone who supports the foundation is a friend of the foundation. As a friend you receive our digital newsletter. In this way you are kept informed of all developments within the foundation. Every month the newsletter contains beautiful stories and videos about ‘our’ children. Would you like to receive the newsletter? Subscribe here.

Become a volunteer of the foundation

The Children of Medellín Foundation was founded and has grown thanks to volunteers. We welcome new volunteers with open arms. And especially the children like it very much! As a volunteer you can help in Colombia, but also in the Netherlands you can do something. Would you like to help? Please contact us.

Support a child

For years we see that some children in our projects have a harder time than others.

than other children. In 2019 we therefore started the project Support a child.

People from the Netherlands or other countries give a monthly financial contribution to a child and its family. At this moment we have 41 children in the Support a child project.

This support helps the different families enormously. We determine which children can use extra help in cooperation with the trainer/teacher and the psychologist. We write down their personal stories and maintain contact between the people who support them and the families who receive the support.

Thanks to this support, a child and his/her family receive an extensive food package every other month. Twice a year we choose an extra food package or something else they need.

Would you like to support a child and his/her family? Please contact us.

Help a child study

The ‘study and work’ activity gives young people the opportunity to continue their education after secondary school. The foundation selects youth who are eligible. You can help one of these young people with a donation to follow a study.

Would you like to help a child study? Please contact us.

Sponsor a team

The children participating in the ‘La Naranja Mecánica’ (soccer) and ‘Fundancing’ (dance) projects wear uniforms during training, matches, and performances. Through sponsorship, the sponsor’s name is displayed on the shirt, they receive a group photo, and they are regularly updated on the team’s progress.

Would you like to sponsor a team (with your company)? Please contact us.

Buy a book or CD

We have now released two books and a CD. These show in a very nice way our work with the children. The proceeds of the sale go to the foundation.

Book ‘From the highest neighborhood of Medellín’ – 2022

The book has 20 stories, every story is about one of ‘our’ children and the family. A very fascinating book about the past and daily life of the people in the disadvantaged neighborhoods Bello Oriente and Carambolas, high and far away in Medellín.

For an amount of 20.00 euro (excluding shipping costs) you get the book delivered to your home.

CD ‘Amor bonito’ – 2014

The music group Sararé released the CD ‘Amor Bonito’ in 2014, full of swinging music. The CD consists of seven songs written and composed by the children in collaboration with music teacher Dario Eraso. The music is a mix of various local music styles and is accompanied by the Dutch salsa trumpeter Maite Hontelé.

For the amount of 10.00 euro per CD (excluding shipping costs) you will get the CD delivered to your home.

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